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How can you use SAP Solution Manager to manage my Application Lifecycle?

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What do you need from your SAP Solution Manager Specialists?

Streamline business processes, discover improvement options, increase operational efficiency and minimize risk within your maintenance agreement using SAP's flagship on-premise application lifecycle management tools.

SAP Solution Manager offers a wide range of capabilities

Support your entire lifecycle

By using SAP Solution Manager your company can reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by managing your SAP and Non-SAP systems and enabling IT and Business to collaborate, using a single solution.

SAP Solution Manager provides 10 core Application Lifecycle Management processes based on the ITIL best practices and delivers crucial value-chains to help you achieve your goals, covering the entire lifecycle of your IT solution.

The tasks of IT organizations are challenging. On one hand, business expects stability from all systems, without disruption, so that they can best support and automate business processes. On the other hand, the required changes and innovations need to be implemented as dynamically as possible, all with minimal cost implications. SAP Solution Manager supports IT organizations to master these challenges. 

It is available as part of your SAP support and maintenance agreement. You won’t need to pay license fees for making use of SAP Solution Manager.

How we enable your business

Let URCGI become your single source of certainty when it comes to solution manager operations.

We will assist with scoping your operations

Using our change impact analysis tools we will help define testing scope and assist with integration with other SAP Solution Manager modules.

Designing your operation's environment

Let us optimise Solution Manager to work for you, allow us to create the perfect design to suit your needs. 

Building your operation's


We will create the perfect base for your operation’s environment. Customised and suited specifically to your business needs.

Optimising your operation's


Your operation’s environment is the very key to a successful project. We will optimise it exclusively to your business’ requirements.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Focused Build & Focused Insights 2.0 SP06 now available! Support Package SP06 for Focused Build and Focused Insights has been published and is now available for all customers and partners. To see what this feature-packed version contains, take a look at the SP06 what’s New presentation. Read all about the new features in the accompanying SP06 documents (application help and user guides) on the SAP Help Portal and learn how SAP Activate and Focused Build with SAP Solution Manager work together.

Want to learn more? We can assist.

We assist SAP clients and implementation teams with their Focused Build on boarding, training, and configuration service.

If you require more information on how to leverage Focused Build in your next project, feel free to reach out to us.

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