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Focused Build

SAP Solution Manager delivers an out-of-the-box, and integrated, tool supported approach to manage your SAP Activate rollout of S4HANA and other SAP products seamlessly.


Focused Insights 

Deliver business insights with the new dashboard system. Assemble and circulate ground-breaking client-friendly dashboards in minutes utilizing a best-in-class user experience. Making use of pre-bundled content and more than 800 best-practice KPIs, selected for standard use cases.


Focused Run

is an engaged answer for SAP Solution Manager that connects specialist organizations and select clients with sophisticated necessity. It is an isolated implementation which can run parallel to your current SAP Solution Manager system. Focused Run directs Application Operations and is enhanced for SAP HANA. It also allows you to lower your technical footprint and total costs of ownership (TCO). Scalability, performance, and data throughput are significantly improved.

Get going with Focused Build. .

It's License Free

What is Focused Build

Focused Build is a comprehensive, pre-configured add-on to SAP Solution Manager bringing all the tools required to manage a project implementation from one centralised solution.

In combination with price and application savings, Focused Build empowers your team to reduce time to market and realize benefits, leveraging best practice processes, project accelerators and streamlined implementation tools

This process compliments the SAP S/4HANA best practice process content offered SAP Best Practices and SAP Model Companies (pre-bundled, plug-and-play, beginning to end reference solutions). In that capacity, executing Focused Build will permit you to use SAP's Activate swift approach to impeccably uphold your SAP S/4HANA implementations or upgrades. 

Remember that most standard abilities offered by Focused Build are now found in SAP Solution Manager which you ought to use, since it's yours at no cost to you!

Focused Build is a standard solution, with no extra development required

Your licence allows regular updates, decreasing the chances of upgrade risks.

Focused Solutions are built on the tried and trusted SAP Solution Manager platform and is perfectly merged with SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

Focused Build Process

With Focused Build Requirements to Deploy process (R2D), it is a lot simpler to allocate tasks and exercises between your project resources. This allows agile or waterfall development in projects managing deliverables, waves and sprints. All documentation is stored in Solution Documentation and can be used post go-live. Requirement management offers the ability to manage the backlog during planning workshops and approvals for build based on individual depend on priorities. Work Packages and Work Items facilitate the delivery of the requirements built – right up to transports in production with full traceability back to the requirements raised.

Want to learn more? Let us help you.

We assist SAP clients and implementation teams with their Focused Build on boarding, training, and configuration service.

In the event that you require more info on the best use of Focused Build for your next project, don't hesitate to contact us. 

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