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A Complete Overview of sap solution manager 7.2

Introduction to SAP Solution Manager 7.2

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 has been a long-awaited upgrade of SAP to Application Lifecycle Management, or SAP AM. The upgrade brings enhanced reporting, improved analysis, and more customizable capabilities to the popular program. In addition, it is being moved to SAP Fiori, which results in better functionality, ease of deployment, and improved workflow than earlier SAP Solutions.

The full upgrade is a service packs, or small updates, that provide new and innovative enhancements to SAP solutions. The total change control covers five major areas: application service management (ASM), business intelligence (BI), data mining, content mining and web services. The changes are mostly related to improvements to the business processes and the ability of users to manage usage rights and access permissions for data. Most users access SAP solutions through a web browser interface, but with the SAP solution 7.2, dedicated portals provide a more comprehensive experience for the user.

SAP Business Intelligence (BIS):

With the change, the Business Intelligence Capability (BIS) was added as a component of the SAP Business Intelligence (SBSI) product. BIS is used to examine the internal processes and business processes of an organization and provide recommendations for improving them, based on analyzed information. BIS is not part of the main application, but is integrated with the main application. However, BIS is considered a critical component of the software and is hence considered as a separate download.

SAP Application Lifecycle Management:

The primary change in the SAP Lifecycle Management solution involves the move from the stand-alone to the integrated model. This was previously part of the IBM Workplace Products eCommerce platform. With the Business Information Warehouse (BIW), users can now create data-warehousing systems that would be deployed across the enterprise. For the Business Information Warehouse to work, the users need to be aware of the entire lifecycle of the SAP application, from its creation, execution, maintenance, upgrades and end-of-life.

SAP Master Data Management Solution (MDS):

The MDS is a complex solution, designed to analyze the entire lifecycle of the SAP application. Users can get the complete detail about the application lifecycle in the MDS. The MDS also provides the capacity to execute complicated transactions. The MDS is the core part of the SAP solution and to make it effective, the following enhancements have been made in the SAP Master Data Management system. This solution is an upgrade to the Master Data Management System of previous versions of SAP. However, the user needs to determine the requirements for the application lifecycle management according to the requirements of his organization and then choose from the available solutions.

SAP Business Processes:

Users can get comprehensive information on the different business processes supported by the SAP solution manager. This helps them decide on the solutions that fit their needs. They can also analyze the current process that they are following to enhance their performance. This is also the place where the users can find the application lifecycle management strategies that they can use to improve their business processes.

SAP Master Data Management Planner:

The master data management in the SAP solution manager provides the ability to create a SAP Master Data Management Planner, which outlines the methods to reduce cost in the long run. Users can access this system health report, which highlights the current issues in the system. Users can also review the maintenance planner, which outlines the processes that are being performed on a regular basis. The maintenance planner can be customized, based on the requirements of the system. This information is important for the development of the application lifecycle management strategy of the company. This also helps in the effective solution of the system health reports.

SAP Master Data Access Server:

A Master Data Access Server is a web-based application that helps users gain access to their files. This allows them to do transactions such as changing or creating a table, adding or removing columns, sorting the values and so on. The users can also upload images to the forms, which the application will automatically save into the database. The users can also check the values of the fields by using the password mechanism provided in the solution. This application works only on a dedicated SAP platform.

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